Sensual Body Dream gives you clear guidance as to what to do from your first request for an information pack right up until your safe return home.
We would request that you read it carefully and fill in all forms necessary for each stage of the procedure.

Phase 1: GENERAL COST ESTIMATE - Free and with no Commitment:
Prior to any plastic surgery an estimate must be provided.
If you want a precise cost estimate you need to complete the the pre-consultation form.

Two color photos of the area to be operated should be sent– one profile and one full frontal. These should be sent via email, along with your medical records. This will enable the surgeon to evaluate your case.
For orthodontic and/or dental surgery, a preliminary meeting with the doctor in Bolivia is essential.

Only requests with accompanying photographs will be taken into consideration
N.B : Information will remain strictly confidential

After examination of your medical history informations and photos, if the surgeon reaches a positive conclusion, we will send you his evaluation along with his professional records and credentials.
You will be able to obtain an all inclusive quotation which includes the cost of the surgery tailored to your needs and expectations as well as the tariff of your chosen accommodation.
The amount fixed by Sensual Body Dream on the first stage is your definitive amount. With Sensual Body Dream there is no hidden costs.
Other medical organizations give you an "estimate quote" that generally changes once you meet your surgeon "after a personal evaluation".
Once in Bolivia, with Sensual Body Dream,
there is no penalty if the operation is cancelled; you will only owe the extra nights in the hotel.

Once you have made your decision, you will be able to make the reservation of your trip.
Your assistant will be in charge of planning your trip and he/she will arrange all the appointments and make the reservations with plastic surgeons, anesthetist, medical team, clinic, medical laboratory, hotel etc...

To make the reservation of your trip you have 2 options:
You can make the reservation of your trip paying the total amount of your package before arriving to Bolivia. In this case you will have to make an international bank to bank transfer.

2) Or if you don't want to pay any amount before you meet the surgeon, you can make the reservation of your trip just sending us by email the copy of your travel arrangement (purchase confirmation of your flight ticket), including all the information concerning your flight (date of arrival and departure, hour of arrival, Airline Company, flight number, etc).
This process will avoid you to make an international bank-to-bank transfer or to send money before your arrival in Bolivia.
If you choose this way to reserve your trip; the total amount of your package will have to be paid in Bolivia (after your first consultation with the surgeon).

The payment:
If you choose to pay your package in Bolivia; we only accept American dollars, or Euros.

There is no penalty if the operation is cancelled; you will only owe the extra nights in the hotel.

Following the receipt of your flight ticket copy (or bank transfer), we will send you (at the latest within 3 days) the complete program of your trip and all information regarding to your surgery and your stay in Bolivia :
Dates of the pre-operative medical consultation and of the required medical test, dates of your surgery, hotel reservations, the personal bilingual assistant's schedule, local transportation, lists of pre-operative instructions, schedule of your tourist package, post-operative information...


When you arrive at the airport, one of our personal assistants will welcome you. You will be taken to your hotel in a private car and accompanied by your personal assistant.
Your assistant will speak your language, and he/she will answer all your questions regarding your trip.
You will receive a portfolio which contains a detailed agenda of your trip and detailed documentation regarding the procedures.

Depending on the hour of your arrival in Santa Cruz, you will attend the first appointment with your surgeon and the medical team this same day or the day after your arrival.
The medical studies will be made before your consultation with the surgeon (complete hematology, and if necessary, cardiology studies and x-rays).
Your personal assistant will accompany you at all times.
During your first consultation, the surgeon will verify your motivations and expectations. He will take the time to explain again the process of your surgery. Before proceeding with any surgery of any kind please take this new opportunity to discuss again all your concern with your surgeon and feel free to ask as many questions as you like.

Your surgery will be performed one day after concluding all the preparatory consultation.
No operations take place on Sunday.
The day of your surgery, your personal assistant will accompany you to the clinic and will be available to assist you with all anything you need.

Following the operation, your personal assistant will take you back to your hotel. We will assist you during your recuperation by organizing you post operative consultation with your surgeon. Whether you choose to take your holidays before or after your procedure(s) you are assured of the best choice and services.
You will recover following the doctor's instructions. The first few days after surgery are the most important to get adequate rest. Usually, 2 to 4 post-surgical appointments will be necessary for the surgeon to check your general condition and ensure that you are healing well.
During the first one, the Health Care Professional examines the bandages and the patient's general condition.
The stitches will be removed during the final consultation (if applicable), and your surgeon will give his authorization so that you may return to your country or origin.
After recovering, once the surgeon is pleased with your progress, you will be given authorization to enjoy some of the interesting attractions our city offers. We'll make all necessary arrangements for you to make some travel excursion either within or outside the city, according to the doctor's permission.

Your personal assistant will chauffeur you from the hotel to the airport in order to fly back home and enjoy your new achievement.
Our commitment doesn't finish there. Sensual Body Dream will keep in touch with you even after you have returned to your country.
So if after having returned to your country, you have any doubts or questions, you can maintain contact with us by email or telephone.

If the surgeon identify any problems on the telephone or via email which require any further intervention, the costs of the operation, and the hotel will be paid by Sensual Body Dream.

Avoiding risky interventions generating long endless follow-up is something agreed upon by our surgical team to avoid and minimize resumption premises. Resumption however must always be considered by the physician and the patient.
Should the need arise for a second surgical procedure to correct some flaw arising from the first surgery; these costs will be borne by Sensual Body Dream.
In case of malpraxis our guarantee covers : Surgeon fees, anesthetist fees, clinic stay, implants costs (if needed), all the expenses of transportation, and extended hospitalization for the time required for recovery, up to a maximum of one week following the second surgery, guaranteeing in a similar manner, the same conditions of hospitalization, transportation, and recovery.
In case of implant surgery complications: The surgeon will guarantee for the client that the implants or prosthesis used comply with the necessary health and quality standards. However, as with any operation there are certain risks with implant surgery: - Body implants (Breast and Buttock implants) - Facial implants (Cheek, Chin, Nose). The most common risks include bleeding, infection, body rejection, asymmetry, and scarring. Although these events are usually infrequent, they sometimes can occur. Our surgical guarantee covers implants complication relating to asymmetry, any technical problem or a surgeon’s mistake; so you will not be charged for a revision operation to correct an undesirable result.
Capsular contracture is not considered as complications but as abnormal side effects. Treatment costs remain at the patient’s charge. In case of body rejection of the implant, the surgeon may decide to remove the implant(s) from the patient's body not to put his/her health at risk. If this should occur there is no charge for our medical team's professional services (surgeon's and anesthesiology professional services), but surgery center facility charges, and any other ancillary expenses are the responsibility of the patient.



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