Welcome to the SENSUAL BODY DREAM.

We, at Sensual Body Dream, believe it is important for you, our prospective clients, to be clear about a couple of important facts concerning Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery.

Firstly, Sensual Body Dream is working for YOU and not for the doctors!

Our highest priorities are Quality and Safety!
We anticipate that these are the very same concerns on your mind when contacting us. Sensual Body Dream spends a great deal of time and effort in researching the best surgeons, medical teams and hospitals for you.

Our main goal is to provide services that result in happy, satisfied clients.

Secondly, Sensual Body Dream connects our clients with surgeons and medical facilities that match or exceed their top counterparts in the USA and Europe .

In comparison with highly qualified surgeons from the USA and Europe, the surgeons we work with provide comparable services with prices, offered through Sensual Body Dream, between 50-70% less. We ask that you do not confuse our surgeons and procedures with low price offers advertised in newspapers and magazines for cosmetic surgeries, which are sometimes performed by less qualified doctors.
Surgery is a serious matter; it should not be a decision determined by who can do it the "cheapest"!

It serves us all to consider the fact that the cheapest prices are not usually an indication of the highest quality services. Surgery is not inexpensive and if you desire the highest standard of treatment with world renowned surgeons, one can only expect to pay a fair price - such as the services available through Sensual Body Dream.

When comparing our services and quality of medical care with other medical tourism destinations, our clients will understand the price difference is usually not that substantial. Your cosmetic vacation should be viewed as an investment in your beauty and safety while undergoing an elective cosmetic procedure that will enhance your life, not as an opportunity to experience plastic surgery for a low price.

We look forward to welcome you in the near future to show you what a difference a Sensual Body Dream experience can be.


Our Terms & Conditions spell out your access and use of this Site and the information, and other content available on or through this Site. Please read these Terms & Conditions carefully before using this Site.

By accessing, using or browsing this site or any of the tabs, pages or windows in this site, you indicate that you have read, understood and agree to be bound by this agreement, and that you understand and intend this user agreement to be the legal equivalent of signed, written contract between you and Sensual Body Dream services and equally binding.

Sensual Body Dream is a medical tourism organization in Bolivia specializing in plastic and cosmetic surgery treatments and recuperation packages. Through our website we gather publicly available information and provide this information to you for your personal use in making a more informed decision about your medical treatment options outside the US, Canada or Europe.

Patients’ applications sent via our web site or requested by phone call or email are received by Sensual Body Dream’ Patient Information Center. Our advisors are trained to answer general questions about the procedures and terms of the service. If the patient has questions related to medical issues, the advisor will pass the questions on to the professional and the answers back to the patient.
All exchange with the Patient Information Center is free of charge and it does not represent any kind of agreement between Sensual Body Dream and the patient.

Following the receipt of your PRECONSULTATION FORM and close up photos, you will be able to obtain an all inclusive quotation which includes the cost of the operation tailored to your needs and expectations as well as the tariff of your chosen accommodation.
The amount fixed by Sensual Body on the first stage is your definitive amount. With Sensual Body Dream there is no hidden costs.
Other medical organizations give you an "estimate quote" that generally changes once you meet your surgeon "after a personal evaluation".

Sensual Body Dream will prepare the quote of your package, based on a our tariff list.

The total price includes:
- The costs of all the services you are requesting (medical services and
  Surgical Procedures / Stay in Clinic / Complete Hematology Tests
  Analysis / Surgeons fees, Anesthetist fees, and medical team fees /
  touch-ups / tours...)
- Transportation to the hotel / clinics / airport.
- Your stay in a 4***** hotel with breakfast included plus all the hotel
  services (Internet, gym, sauna, pool…).
- The discounts corresponding to each package.

The rate does not include:
- Personal expenses
- Lodging extras (extra nights, beverages…)
- Travel insurance
- The additional tests and analyses depending on each case (cardiology
  exams, mammograms, mammary exogamies, etc.).
- Air fair
- Medications related or not related to the treatment
- The assistance service and transportation are exclusively for health
   related purposes.

The Patient Care Center advisors will be in charge of planning the medical trip and they will arrange all the appointments and make the reservations with plastic surgeons, anesthetist, medical team, clinic, medical laboratory, hotel...
Any and all medical information delivered by the interested patient shall be evaluated by our surgeons, which must validate such application in order to receive the requested treatment.

We propose you several ways to book your trip. We clearly specified the different steps in our page "Steps to book Plastic Surgery Trip".
Contrary to other medical agencies, with Sensual Body Dream you have the possibility to pay the total amount of your package after meeting your surgeon.
In this case the total amount of your package, should be paid to us by the end of the pre-surgery consultation, after your agreement to undergo surgery and before your intervention.

The patient will arrive at VIRU VIRU, the International Airport of Santa Cruz.
An assistant will receive the patient and take him/her to the hotel where he/she will stay.
The assistants we provide are not exclusive, they are assigned according to availability. It is possible that one assistant will receive you at the airport whereas another will go with you to the medical consultation.
It is possible for the patient to ask for an exclusive assistant, but this service has an additional cost.

If, after your pre-operative consultation, you decide to have additional surgery performed or to carry out your surgery in other clinic / hospital / Medical center; you should express your decision directly to a Sensual Body Dream agent with the aim of modifying, adjusting, or increasing the package, taking into account the additional expenses.

Prior to any surgical procedure, the Client must sign a consent form–a legal document–in which he/she declares his/her express consent to undergo the specified surgery, being fully-aware of the risks arising from said surgical intervention, the Client shall inform his/her Health Care Professional during the pre-operative consultation of any and all the antecedents in his/her clinical history, besides seeking clarification during this consultation regarding any and all doubts with regards to the possible complications, characteristic risks of the surgery and post-operative procedures.
All the corresponding risks to anesthesia, any allergic reactions, and post-operative processes will also be analyzed at this time.
The Health Care Professional will determine if it is feasible to combine several procedures into one single surgical intervention without putting at risk the security and safety of the patient. If necessary, the surgeons will divide any surgical procedure into two or more interventions.

Avoiding risky interventions generating long endless follow-up is something agreed upon by our surgical team to avoid and minimize resumption premises. Resumption however must always be considered by the physician and the patient.
Should the need arise for a second surgical procedure to correct some flaw arising from the first surgery; these costs will be borne by Sensual Body Dream.
In case of malpraxis our guarantee covers:  Surgeon fees, anesthetist fees, clinic stay, implants costs (if needed), all the expenses of transportation, and extended hospitalization for the time required for recovery, up to a maximum of one week following the second surgery, guaranteeing in a similar manner, the same conditions of hospitalization, transportation, and recovery.
In case of implant surgery complications: The surgeon will guarantee for the client that the implants or prosthesis used comply with the necessary health and quality standards. However, as with any operation there are certain risks with implant surgery: - Body implants (Breast and Buttock implants) - Facial implants (Cheek, Chin, Nose).
The most common risks include bleeding, infection, body rejection, asymmetry, and scarring. Although these events are usually infrequent, they sometimes can occur. Our surgical guarantee covers implants complication relating to asymmetry, any technical problem or a surgeon’s mistake; so you will not be charged for a revision operation to correct an undesirable result.
Capsular contracture is not considered as complications but as abnormal side effects. Treatment costs remain at the patient’s charge. In case of body rejection of the implant, the surgeon may decide to remove the implant(s) from the patient's body not to put his/her health at risk. If this should occur there is no charge for our medical team's professional services (surgeon's and anesthesiology professional services), but surgery center facility charges, and any other ancillary expenses are the responsibility of the patient.

If, once the Client has had the pre-operative consultation, the Health Care Professional verifies that exists physiological impediments or if there are very high risks associated with the intervention, Sensual Body Dream and the Health Care Professional are entitled to refuse to provide the surgical service, and we will only bill for the lodging expenses, local transportation, and contracted services.
If for any reason the Client doesn’t arrive on the date mentioned in the contract, the Sensual Body Dream retains the right to cancel the other services or to change the date of the surgery.
If for any reason, the Client decides to interrupt his/her trip, reduce it, or not make use of any of the services offered by the Company, the latter shall not be entitled to reimburse any amount paid.
Should Sensual Body Dream will have to cancel the Client’s surgery for any reason, Sensual Body Dream will reimburse the entire amount paid previously.

Before his/her registration with the Company, the Client will have to inform himself/herself of all requirements necessary to arrive in the Bolivia. This information is available upon request from the Bolivian Embassy or Bolivian Consulate in Client’s country of residence.

The surgeons, medical team and its staff assume full responsibility for the medical portion. The patient will not hold Sensual Body Dream responsible.
The Client recognizes that Sensual Body Dream bears responsibility and guarantees the Client’s lodging, in which is included breakfast, transport, coordination of medical agenda, coordination of local transportation, and in general Sensual Body Dream shall establish the necessary contacts for the requested surgery; moreover, this includes the services offered for full post-operative recovery.
The Client recognizes that the Health Care Professional assumes full responsibility for the medical portion before the Company and the Client.
As with any routine precaution when traveling abroad, Sensual Body Dream advises the Client obtain suitable travel insurance.
When transporting the Client, Sensual Body Dream works with responsible carrier companies that can be deemed reliable by the Client.
Neither Sensual Body Dream, nor the physician and the medical team, shall be responsible for any medical situation that may occur during the patient’s stay, in which they have failed to take part or make any decision whatsoever. For instance, self-medication, performance of piercings and the like.

Sensual Body Dream shall maintain the anonymity of any individual who visits us or gets in touch with us means whatsoever. Their privacy is of utmost importance for us. This Privacy Policy not only defines the information we gather from any individual but also how we use said information. Only with the individual’s express consent do we record information provided by our Clients and divulge it only should the latter be required.

Sensual Body Dream reserves the right to make any necessary modification to the content of its website without further notice.
We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to change our Terms & Conditions from time to time. Your continued use of this Site after such changes take effect will be deemed to constitute your acceptance of our new Terms & Conditions.
The user shall be able to access the information in the Website without providing any personal data. However, should the user make any consultation via e-mail, in which case a form must be completed, the personal information provided therein shall be included in a file, to be use only by Sensual Body Dream, and which purpose is to furnish the information requested, benefiting from the advantages associated to filling in said form and sending the user business offers adjusted to specially fit his/her profile, whether by mail or e-mail.
All personal data filled in by the users in the Website through the form/s shall not be shared or redistributed to third parties.

The information on this web site is only intended as an introduction to various procedures and should not be used to determine whether you will have the procedure performed nor as a guarantee of the result. The best method of determining your options is to consult one of our qualified surgeons who are able to answer specific questions related to your situation.

Intellectual Property Rights: Any and all informative texts concerning treatments and institutional information are Intellectual Property of Sensual Body Dream, or third parties; and shall not be reproduced, copied, pasted, linked, transmitted, distributed or handled in any manner and for any purpose whatsoever, without previous written authorization given by Sensual Body Dream, keeping the copyright intact at all times, as well as any other notice of Intellectual Property Rights.



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