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Otoplasty, also known as Ear Pinning, Ear Pinback, or Ear Reduction Surgery, is the cosmetic plastic surgery procedure that permanently corrects protruding ears. Sensual Body Dream Otoplasty does so by positioning the ears closer to the head (Ear Pinning), reshaping them, reducing their size, and making them more symmetrical. Protruding Ear Deformity is the most prevalent congenital malformation of the head and neck area.

Cost Otoplasty Surgery Overseas, Cost ear surgery abroadOtoplasty ranks as the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedure on children between ages five and fourteen. In fact, Ear Pinning is one cosmetic surgery where “earlier is better” because of the devastating blows to a child’s self-esteem, who is teased for having protruding ears; being called names such as “Dumbo,” “Mickey Mouse” and “Rabbit Ears.” The optimal time for performing otoplasty in children is just before they start school, or at about the age of seven. At this age the ears have grown to nearly their adult size and the child is old enough to be able to undergo surgery safely. It also gives children a chance to correct their facial deformity before starting to socialize with peers in school.
Otoplasty has also been a blessing for thousands of adults who have spent their lives feeling self- conscious about their “big ears”. They have hidden their ears with hairstyles, hats, and avoided wearing ear jewelry. With Otoplasty they have gained the freedom to wear their hair short or pulled back, wear earrings, and no longer feel embarrassed about their look. While Otoplasty aims to normalize the appearance of the ears it can never produce perfect and fully symmetrical ears.

The first consultation
In Sensual Body Dream during the first consultation the surgeon analyzes the conditions of the patient which is the best way to correct the defect.
The surgeon will recommend the best solution with respect to the intervention to be made and the best form to perform it. He will also answer all the questions that you have and tell the reasonable expectations that you can have regarding the final result.

The procedure consists of an incision on the backside of the ear, with the removal of a small segment of skin. The cartilage is exposed, and it is thinned or cut so that the ear will be placed in a normal position and have a normal configuration. Stitches are used to hold the cartilage in place and to close the skin incision.


The anesthesia usually is local, under totally relaxed and insensible sedation.
The local anesthesia with sedation is used of increasing form since it is less harmful, anywhere in the world safer and much more provides a comfortable recovery for the patient than general anesthesia.

Duration of the operation
The operation takes approximately 1 and ˝ hours to complete and is not painful.

How long is the patient hospitalized?
The Otoplasty can be done as an outpatient procedure requiring no hospitalization.


A bulky type dressing is applied completely around the head so that both ears can be protected, swelling minimized and discomfort limited. Newer techniques allow accurate and subtle recreation of the folds of the ear as well as placement of the ears closer to the head.

Cost Otoplasty Surgery Overseas, Cost ear surgery abroadDiscomfort after surgery is minimal. Whatever discomfort there may be is short-lived and easily handled with routine pain medication. Dressings will be left in place for a period of 1 week. They will be changed periodically by the doctor. It is advisable to wear a bandana or bandage over the head and ears at night for an additional 2 weeks to avoid injuring the ears while sleeping. When the bandages are removed, the ears will appear swollen and bluish in color. This is normal and will be evident for approximately 3 weeks. Slight swelling will be noticeable for a few weeks. Sutures will be removed in approximately 1 week.

Activity- and baths are permissible as long as the dressings do not get wet. Hair washing may begin after one week. Hair coloring may be resumed at that time. A slight spotting of blood may be seen on the bandages, however any bright red spots that appear to be increasing in size should be reported to the doctor.
Diet on the day of surgery should consist of liquids only, soft foods and liquids the day after surgery and a regular diet after that.
Do not drink alcoholic beverages for one week after surgery . Because the circulation between skin and cartilage has been interrupted during surgery, the ears should not be exposed to extreme temperatures.

Post Op Follow up
In Sensual Body Dream the strictest norms of quality are followed, that go beyond the intervention. For that reason detailed postoperative controls are made, so the patient feels safe and accompanied. During your stay you will have several consultations, to check that the process follows the natural course and to ensure you that can leave Bolivia without any problem once in your country.

Note: The information offered in this Web site is directed to support and not to replace the relation between you and your doctor.


TOPLASTY                                 Sensual Body Dream

PRICE: 2300$US / 1910€

Included in the price:
- The Surgical Procedure
- Stay in Clinic
- 8 days / 7 nights in a 4***** Hotel
Cost Otoplasty Surgery Overseas
- Complete Haematology Tests before
   your surgery
- Anesthetist fees
- Pre and Post-operative Consultations
- Clinical Professional Insurance
- Professional insurance of surgeon
- Transportation  (Individual Reception at
   Airport + Transportation to and from all
   Medical appointments)
- Bilingual Assistant
- A Free Consultation at Dental Clinic

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Cost Otoplasty Surgery Overseas, Cost ear surgery abroad



Cost Otoplasty Surgery Overseas, Cost ear surgery abroad



Cost Otoplasty Surgery Overseas, Cost ear surgery abroad


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