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Cost Thigh Lift Surgery Overseas

A Complete Body Lift includes any such procedures that enhance the body contour like the arms (Arm lift), the thighs (Thigh lift), the buttock (Buttock lift) and the abdomen (Tummy Tuck).
Like the face, the remainder of the body suffers the consequences of time, gravity and in some cases significant weight loss.

A complete body lift is a very powerful body-rejuvenating procedure, typically performed to remove excess skin following massive weight loss or to improve the results of gastric bypass, panniculectomy, or liposuction.
Patients who have had gastric bypass, Lap-Band, or other gastric restrictive procedures often require a dramatic body contouring to remove excess skin on several areas of the body, including:

- Facelift: to reduce sagging of the mid-face, jowls and neck
- Breast lift: to correct the apron of excess skin hanging over abdomen
- Lower body lift: to correct sagging of the abdomen and buttocks
- Thigh lift: to correct sagging of the inner, outer and mid thigh
- Brachioplasty / Arm Lift: to correct sagging of the upper arms.

Complete body lift can also be performed to fight the effects of aging and childbearing, including excess skin, cellulite, and sagging fatty tissue.

                     Cost Thigh Lift Surgery Overseas
A Thigh Lift is a surgical procedure to remove excess fat, tighten skin, re-shape and re-contour the upper thigh. Gravity, aging, and major weight loss can contribute to unsightly sagging, rippling and folding of the skin tissue. A Thigh Lift can dramatically alter the appearance of the upper legs often times with minimal or concealable scarring. Being able to wear shorts without embarrassment and feeling the warmth of the sun on your legs can bring a lovely sense of well being back into your life.

The first consultation

In Sensual Body Dream during the first consultation the surgeon analyzes the conditions of the patient which is the best way to correct the defect.
The surgeon will recommend the best solution with respect to the intervention to be made and the best form to perform it. He will also answer all the questions that you have and tell the reasonable expectations that you can have regarding the final result.

There are several different types of thigh lifts that target certain areas for specific results. During your first consultation, your surgeon will discuss with you your treatment options and the results you can expect from thighplasty (thigh lift).

Inner Thigh Lift
As indicated by its name, an inner thigh lift targets the inner thigh. This surgery is used to treat reduced skin elasticity caused by the aging process or weight loss. During an inner thigh lifCost Thigh Lift Surgery Overseast, an incision is made at the junction of the thigh and pubic area. A wedge of skin is then removed and the skin in tightened to provide an improved leg contour and enhanced skin elasticity.

Bilateral Thigh Lift
The bilateral thigh lift procedure is designed to tighten skin on the front and outside of the leg. During a bilateral thigh lift, the surgeon makes an incision at the top of the leg where the lower edge of a bikini bottom or pair of underwear would be. A certain amount of skin is then removed before the surgeon pulls the remaining skin up and attaches it to the same area. In this way, a bilateral thigh lift serves to tighten skin along both the right and left side of the leg. This procedure is especially helpful to those who have excess skin after an extreme weight loss.

Medial Thigh Lift
A medial thigh lift reduces excess skin on the upper portion of the inner thigh. It is designed for patients who are dissatisfied with the shape of their legs or who would like to remove excess skin after an extreme weight loss. During a medial thigh lift procedure, an incision is made in the groin that goes to the back of the crease of the buttock. Skin in then lifted to improve the shape of the leg and tighten the skin.

Local anaesthesia and complementary sedation or general anaesthesia.

Duration of the operation
About 1h30 to 3 hours depending on the extent of lift required.

How long is the patient hospitalized?
For thigh lift one day of hospitalization is usually needed if there are no complications.

After Your Procedure
When your procedure is completed, dressing or bandages may be applied to your incisions, and you may be wrapped in an elastic bandage or a compression garment to minimize swelling and to support your new contours as you heal. One or more small, thin tubes may be temporarily placed under the skin to drain excess fluid or blood that may collect.

Post Op Follow up
In Sensual Body Dream the strictest norms of quality are followed, that go beyond the intervention. For that reason detailed postoperative controls are made, so the patient feels safe and accompanied. During your stay you will have several consultations, to check that the process follows the natural course and to ensure you that can leave Bolivia without any problem once in your country.

Note: The information offered in this Web site is directed to support and not to replace the relation between you and your doctor.


HIGH LIFT                            Sensual Body Dream

PRICE: 2600 $US / 2150 €

Included in the price:
- The Surgical Procedure
- Stay in Clinic
10 days / 9 nights in a 4*****  Hotel
Cost Thigh Lift Surgery Overseas- Complete Haematology Tests
   before your surgery
- Anesthetist fees
- Pre and Post-operative
- Clinical Professional Insurance
- Professional insurance of surgeon
- Transportation  (Individual Reception at
   Airport + Transportation to and from all
   Medical appointments)
- Bilingual Assistant
- A Free Consultation at Dental Clinic


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Cost Thigh Lift Surgery Overseas



Cost Thigh Lift Surgery Overseas



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