Leading specialist in Plastic Surgery in Bolivia, our unique goal is to provide you world class Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery with leading specialists at affordable prices.

 Sensual Body Dream is directed by Rafael Simoni and Sofia Suarez.

Rafael Simoni
who obtained his degree in Tourism from the University of Boston in the United States of America in 1989.
From 1993 to 2001, he managed the South America Tourism Corporation in Peru, Bolivia, Brazil and Argentine, followed by a solid experience in the international tourism industry.

Under Michael Simoni's management The South America Tourism Corporation was twice voted by the Brazilian travel agents (1997 and 1999) as the Best South American Tourist Board (The South America Travel Globe Awards).

Sofia Suarez was the very first person in Bolivia to invent a niche for herself as a Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Consultant. Sofia has over 15 years of experience and insider knowledge in the world of Plastic Surgery. Her record alone proves her excellence, with honesty, and great concern, for your safety AND beauty, along with discretion and privacy and most of all, how to meet your individual needs.

Finding the right doctor can be difficult but will ultimately determine the quality, safety, and cost of the surgical procedure.

For years , Sofia Suarez has been independently matchmaking her clients individual needs with Board Certified Surgeons in Bolivia. What makes her unique is that she works directly for the patient.

Sofia has seen it all and now uses her personal experience, as well as the knowledge she has gained in her 15 years of working with patients and surgeons as a plastic surgery consultant, to provide vital information, advice, and guidance. In the process, she helps patients prepare for, and recover from, plastic surgery. She helps patients with pre- and post-surgery guidance that prepares them both physically and emotionally for surgery.

For any woman and man considering Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery, this is why you need their professional services….

- So you don't choose the wrong doctor.
- It costs twice as much to try to repair bad surgery.
- She has over 15 years of experience, expertise and insider knowledge to know which doctors are really good….vs. just having “Savvy” public relations.
- She has prescreened all doctors to make sure they are Board Certified in Plastic Surgery and thoroughly checked their backgrounds

Sensual Body Dream works for you!
Our customer service staff will provide you the best attention and a complete service, both in the organization of the trip and during your stay in Santa Cruz.

We make each of our Guests feel cared for, pampered, and very
special in a comfortable and professional atmosphere; providing each
of our Guests with an exceptional quality of care, utilizing state of the
art technology and the best materials.

Cosmetic Surgery is not a Luxury BUT A NECESSITY,  we also facilitate you in...
- Landing that new job
- Capturing a new love
- Providing a second chance at life
- Making yourself the best that you can be!


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