Sensual body Dream Guarantees:
- We guarantee you'll have the finest doctors and appropriate facilities
  for your procedures or treatments.

- We guarantee we regularly meet, interview, and review all the doctors,
  dentists, surgeons, and medical professionals we work with, and visit
  and review all the facilities where we schedule you.

- We guarantee your surgery and appointments
  are scheduled before you leave home.

 - We guarantee the surgeon who consults with
   you is the same surgeon who operates on you.

- We guarantee your treatments will be
                                            completed as planned according to your travel

- We guarantee to follow-up with each client to ensure the treatment and
  care we promised you is delivered to your satisfaction.

- We guarantee we are completely independent to freely choose the best
  service providers, doctors, hospitals and clinics according to the needs
  of our clients.

Before your Surgery.
To prevent all possible medical risks -during and after surgery- (for example clotting and cardiac problems, diabetes, etc.); once in Bolivia, all patients must undergo a full set of pre-operative blood work (Hemogram, Blood Sugar, Creatinine, PT & PTT Clotting Factors, Prothombin Time, and a complete cardiological exam). All these analysis are included in our
All Inclusive plastic surgery packages
. They will be performed prior to your surgery in the laboratories of our clinics and hospitals, to then be analyzed by your medical team before your surgical procedure.

After your Surgery.
Our policy regarding the length of stay will ensure that there are no complications and you can come back home safely and without surprises.

Our Plastic Surgery Guarantee.
Should complications arise (under extremely rare circumstances), there is always an immediate solution.
Immediate postoperative problems can be solved during the patient’s stay in the hospital.
Our medical staff will assume all the costs arising therefrom.
Should it be necessary to prolong your stay, with the specific aim of undergoing corrective procedures or to guarantee your full recovery prior to your return, Sensual Body Dream will cover your hotel expenses, local transportation (hotel, clinic airport), all post-operative visits, and general associated expenses arising from the corrective surgery.

Therefore, our guarantee means that you can rest assured that in the unlikely event that you should require a corrective surgery we will pay fully for the costs of necessary stay, clinic, surgeons, anaesthetist, full medical team, accommodation and hotel bills.

We believe that no other cosmetic surgery clinic abroad guarantees such a complete and professional five star service.
You must remember that with other companies there may well be extra charges which could prove very expensive indeed.

Complications can arise in plastic surgery. Legal recourse usually takes years to resolve. With Sensual Body Dream court action is not necessary. We are committed to redo your procedure without further delay or additional costs.


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